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Welcome to Dream Inception Consultancy

md Rasheduzzaman Sardar

CEO- Chief Executive Officer

Md Rasheduzzaman Sardar is the visionary CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Dream Inception Consultancy, a renowned leader in the field of international education. With a passion for empowering students to achieve their dreams, Mr. Sardar has dedicated his career to making quality education accessible to aspiring scholars worldwide.

Md Rasheduzzaman Sardar’s leadership has not only transformed Dream Inception Consultancy into a global education powerhouse but has also touched the lives of countless students, making their dreams of studying abroad a reality. His relentless pursuit of excellence continues to inspire the entire Dream Inception team as they work together to shape a brighter future for students worldwide.


Meet Our Expert Team Members

Mohammad Mehedi Hasan Shuvo

PR and Operation officer

Mahmudul Hasan Asif

Business Development & IT executive

Kawser hossain Himel


Ruhina Aktar Rimty


Welcome to Dream Inception Consultancy, your trusted partner in realizing your dreams of pursuing higher education abroad

We deliver true results, focusing on strategic decisions and practical actions tailored to our clients' unique reality.

At Dream Inception Consultancy, we believe that every dream deserves nurturing and guidance to transform it into reality. With a focus on integrity, transparency, and empathy, we strive to create a warm and supportive environment for all our clients. We understand that each student is unique, and our personalized approach ensures that you receive tailored assistance to make the best decisions for your academic and professional growth.

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